TARGETED VIOLENCE AND terrorism prevention

Raising awareness to recognize and prevent targeted violence and terrorism.

Global Peace Foundation has made significant contributions in the United States and internationally to raise awareness around bias, targeted violence and terrorism. Our efforts have strengthened communities, raised awareness and shared information about important safety topics and helped prevent targeted violence, extremism and terrorism.

In the United States, Global Peace Foundation is a three-time awardee of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security which has received national recognition on multiple occasions. In both New Jersey and Maryland, our projects have engaged diverse stakeholders including law enforcement, public sector leaders, faith communities, universities and schools, local NGOs and other community organizations, plus individual community members from diverse backgrounds. In the Maryland Department of Emergency Management award on threat assessment, GPF serves as a significant subcontractor.

Awareness Efforts


Global Peace Foundation has also led efforts to raise awareness of and prevent violent extremism across its international portfolio, including in Kenya, Tanzania, and Indonesia. For this work, our U.S. based subject matter experts collaborate with field partners to implement best practices, provide technical support and capacity building coaching, evaluation, as well as learn from local promising practices that may inform the field of work.

In Kenya, GPF has implemented online digital literacy education and social media counter-narrative campaigns with funding from Google and other donors. GPF Tanzania has built capacity of women and youth to prevent and counter violent extremism in their communities and examined the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on extremist narratives in East Africa and the Horn of Africa. Projects have received support from United Nations Development Programme, African Women Development Fund, Hedayah Center and others. In Indonesia, GPF implemented the Millennial prevention campaign reaching 6 universities and over 1,000 youth with support from UNDP through Convey Indonesia.

Across these projects, GPF’s subject matter expertise and local field networks provide rich inputs to adapt program design approaches and curricula for training deliveries and presentations at conferences, convenings and professional development events, and tailored to fit the local contexts and audiences in European and African countries. In project evaluations, participants reported significant increases in the ability to recognize, prevent, and take appropriate action to counter violent extremism.

The Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention project is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships, opportunity number EMW-2021-GR-00121.

Targeted Violence and
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