Women's Leadership

Supporting the central leadership role of women in peacebuilding

The Global Peace Foundation recognizes the central role of women in peacebuilding on all levels: from the home to the community, nation, and world. Service-minded women are true leaders and peacebuilders.

Our approach to women’s leadership encourages women to cultivate their service-mindedness while providing skills and opportunities to build peace in their families, communities, and the world. We work in close collaboration with our partner organization, Global Peace Women, to provide mentorships, networking platforms, and ongoing enrichment programs to foster international connections, share innovative ideas and mutual support.

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Women’s Leadership

Support initiatives that uplift the dignity of women and develop their service-minded leadership

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The Global Peace Foundation provides opportunities and resources for like-minded peacebuilders that emphasize universal principles and shared values as a basis to address conflict, promote equitable and sustainable development, and engage all members of the human family as necessary and valuable contributors to building a culture of peace. Create a positive and impactful change in your area today.