Financial Literacy Training and Distribution of Start-up Capital Empower Nigerian Women

Robin McDonough
March 5, 2024

Empowering women increases the social and economic development of families, communities, and society. Advancing women’s empowerment and their vital role in creating a peaceful coexistence, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria and the Christian Rural and Urban Development Association (CRUDAN) continued their ongoing partnership to sponsor a financial literacy workshop on January 16, 2024. The training was held in Angwan Doki (Rohon Kanang), Bukuru Town, Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, as a follow-up to the successful establishment of ten Women’s Cooperative Societies for Economic Empowerment in December 2023.

Group of individuals posing for a photo while presenting a large ceremonial check to Nigerian women at an event.

GPF Nigeria presents check to empower women with start-up capitol.

A group of Nigerian women sitting inside a room, seemingly engaged in a discussion or meeting on financial literacy, with one woman in the center gesturing as if she is speaking or explaining something.

Discussion groups at the Financial Literacy training workshop.

GPF Nigeria Program Manager Mr. Abdul Ahmed and CRUDAN Project Manager Mrs. Salomi Nana Majam co-facilitated the training. Mr. Ahmed led the financial literacy training session, providing the 100 diverse attendees with valuable knowledge on financial planning, wise borrowing and spending, group business dynamics, market access, accountability, proper record keeping, financial management, and budgeting. Real-life examples were used to demonstrate the application of various financial concepts, illustrating their practical application in women’s daily lives. Mrs. Salomi provided an update on the Women’s Cooperative Societies and expertly guided the discussion on the practical use of the Village Savings and Loan Association.

A man in clerical attire is speaking at a podium with the

GPF Nigeria Country Director delivering remarks at a Financial Training workshop.

Guest speakers included Mr. Joseph Gyandi, Executive Director of CRUDAN; Sheik Abdullah Halliru Maraya, northern coordinator of GPF Nigeria; and Reverend John Joseph Hayab, country director of GPF Nigeria. Mr. Gyandi highlighted the strategic partnership of CRUDAN and GPF Nigeria and their aligned vision of peaceful coexistence. He also acknowledged the value of financial literacy in enhancing the role of women in creating positive change. Sheik Maraya stressed the strength of diversity in peacebuilding, calling on unity and understanding based on our shared humanity under GPF’s vision of “One Family Under God.” Rev. Hayab reiterated women’s essential role in creating harmony and underscored the transformative impact of empowering women on families, communities, and society. He further called on them to be active peacebuilders and catalysts for change.

A group of Nigerian women with diverse facial expressions sitting together while two in the foreground smile at the camera after a Financial Literacy Training session.

Women attend a Financial Literacy training workshop hosted by GPF Nigeria.

Reinforcing the significance of economic empowerment, the guest speakers presented the Women’s Cooperative Societies group leaders with start-up capital and distributed Village Savings and Loan boxes. These actions create a foundation for sustainability and a concrete means for women to invest in their communities’ social and economic development. This investment in training and capital also signals to women that they can work together, regardless of religious faith, to bring about desired results. Attendee Hajara Emmanuel exemplified this sentiment: “Being part of this initiative showed me that unity is possible despite our religious differences. I’ve formed strong bonds with women from different faiths in our cooperative.”

With the enthusiasm and engagement of the participants in the Women’s Cooperative Societies and their desire to be a positive influence, they are actively collaborating to achieve the project’s strategic objectives to foster economic empowerment, interfaith collaboration, and social cohesion. A six-month evaluation of the pilot project in February will ensure the program’s continued effectiveness.

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