New Jersey Urban Peacebuilding

Law Enforcement and the Community Working Together to Recognize and Prevent Threats

Global Peace Foundation and its stakeholder network prevented violent extremism by raising awareness about the behavioral indicators of mobilization towards violence. Our project achieved excellent outcomes in learning and high levels of community satisfaction on engagement and trust building activities. It also achieved systems change and addressed threats including homegrown violent extremism, active shooters, school shootings and other types of other targeted violence.


5,675 individuals attended trainings and events, 1,620 more than required

77 trainings over 24 months, 10 more than expected

Who We Reached

1,441 participants in 24 training of trainer program for law enforcement officials
Target: 1,200

1,443 participants in 29 training of trainer program for community leaders
Target: 1,200

2,440 participants from Jersey City, Paterson & Camden attended 17 community engagement events
Target: 1,500

363 community leaders trained in 7 social media workshops
Target: 160


Increased awareness in the community and among health providers about targeted extreme violence


law enforcement & community leaders who participated in train-the-trainers delivered presentations to their constituents

Established networks of communitry & law enforcement partnerships to counter targeted and extreme violence in the state


1. Knowledge more than doubled

Law Enforcement/ First Responders Training





2. Social media and online safety training significantly increased participants’ knowledge of online safety and recognizing violent extremism

52% Very Knowledgeable about Violent Extremism

90% Very Knowledgable about Violent Extremism

52% Very Knowledgeable about Violent Extremism

90% Very Knowledgable about Violent Extremism

3. Satisfaction surveys indicate that a high percentage of trainees and participants perceived the value of the training and would recommend it to others


99% rated training as beneficial


98% recommend training to a friend