All-Lights Village will donate Carabaos for Village Development

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May 10, 2013

All-Lights Village / GPF Campaign Story

Filipino water buffalos are also known as Carabaos.

While traveling around the countryside of the Philippines, one can easily spot Carabaos, Filipino water buffalos, grazing in the pasture alongside the river. Unlike Korean bulls, Carabaos have dark skin with long horns and like to swim in the river. 

We could easily find Carabaos swimming in the river in Nueva Ecija, where 10 All-Lights Villages are set up. From now on, All-light Village residents will be able to use Carabaos.

Dr. Cruz of the Philippines Carabao Center met with GPF Korea, Kyung Eui Yoo.

Dr. Cruz of the Philippines Carabao Center met with GPF Korea, Kyung Eui Yoo.

Carabao Institute joins All-lights Village Project

Dr. Cruz of the Philippine Carabao Center met with Global Peace Foundation-Korea President, Kyung Eui Yoo. He said, “The All-Lights Village Project is a project that needs to be supported on a national level to foster development in the Philippines.” He will donate Carabaos raised at the Center to All-lights Villages in Nueva Ecija.

Dr. Cruz, also known as “the water buffalo doctor” in the Philippines, also teaches at Nueva Ecija State University. Since 2010, he has also lectured in Korea on dairy farming at a conference hosted by Soon Chun University and Imshil-goon of Cheonbuk Province, Korea. He is also working hard to develop the Filipino livestock industry and dairy farming . He has facilitated exchange between dairy farming experts from Korea and the Philippines to transfer technology.

Dr. Cruz proposed the following for the development of the All-lights Villages.

  1. All-lights Village residents donate proceeds from the sale of Carabao’s milk to expand the All-lights Village Projects.
  2. All-lights Village residents donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Carabaos offspring to expand All-lights Village Projects.

Carabao water buffalos being raised at Philippine the Carabao Center will be delivered to All-Lights Villages starting next month.

Cows have been a symbol of wealth in many cultures. Cows can perform difficult tasks and provide milk and meat. In Korea the national winner of the Korean traditional sports Ssireum gets a trophy of a golden cow.

The residents of agriculture-based All-lights Villages are happy to hear about the Carabaos just as much as solar power lanterns.

All-lights Village Projects in 2013 are being implemented in various ways to foster the self-advancement of villages beyond the solar-powered lanterns.

It is a proud moment for GPF to see All-lights Villages in the Philippines grow and prosper, starting with the power of solar-powered lanterns.

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