Uplifting At-Risk Youth in Nigeria through Peacebuilding Programs

Global Peace Foundation
October 6, 2020

In an event organized by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria, Jama’atul Nasul Islam (JNI), and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kajuru, faith leaders joined forces to conduct peacebuilding programs for youth in their communities.

Following a period of unrest in July 2020, the project was an important component of fostering peace among diverse faith groups and utilized intergenerational cooperation to spread a message of peace in the community. Many of the young people involved in the campaign are at risk, recovering from drug addiction and participation in extremist groups.

Teaming up with Community Lead Volunteers, youth and volunteers handed out flyers and met some 500 people, including youth groups, women leaders, traditional rulers, faith leaders, farmers, Fulani herdsmen, and many other members of the Community Development Associations.

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