GPF Nigeria Hosts Lapai Peace Festival

Global Peace Foundation
April 5, 2024

News outlets in Nigeria highlighted a recent festival hosted by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria on March 9, 2024.

The following is an excerpt from an article by Isaac Odeh for the New Nigerian Newspaper. Read the full article here.

A non governmental organization (NGO), the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria has said that it’s building a global network of grassroots leaders to develop community,national and regional peace building models for ethical, cohesive and compassionate societies guided by the vision of one family under God.

The Country Director, Global Peace Foundation, Reverend John Joseph Hayab explained that the, “One Family Under God” campaign by the foundation is a values based peace building and conflict prevention initiative that seeks to mitigate sectarian violence by changing attitudes and behaviors that drive identity based conflicts,thereby promoting and sustaining social cohesion among various faiths, ethnic and tribal groups.

The foundation over the weekend, held unity in diversity peace festival in Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State.

According to Reverend Hayab, “we are in Lapai to do what we call catch them young,it is a challenge that many of our elders during their time,they enjoyed peace with different religion,but now,there is so much division,people are hiding under religion, ethnicity and region using different identities to divide us,” he said.

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