Tanzania Celebrates International Day of Peace 2023

Naomi MacMurdie
October 9, 2023
A group of people holding up a sign during Tanzania's celebration of International Day of Peace 2023.

Students hold signs with messages of peace during GPF Tanzania International Day of Peace 2023 events.


Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania partnered with local organizations to commemorate the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2023, in Zanzibar with a series of service projects and events to spread awareness for peacebuilding nationwide.

GPF Tanzania collaborated with the Jane Goodall Institute to host a tree-planting project with young volunteers on September 20. Together, they planted mangrove trees at Muungoni Beach, Mazizini. The project emphasized the role of young people in preserving natural resources and the environment.

A group of people are planting trees in a muddy area to celebrate International Day of Peace in Tanzania.

Volunteers plant mangrove trees.

GPF Tanzania also worked with the Zanzibar Farasi Youth Group to organize a unique and symbolic event called “Peace Jump.” This event took place at the picturesque Forodhani Diving Spot in Zanzibar, offering a stunning backdrop for the message of peace. The primary objective of the Peace Jump event was to spread the message of peace and unity to the world in a visually striking and symbolic manner. Organizers said that by having the young divers jump into the water with a peace message, they aimed to “create waves of peace” that resonated globally.

A group of men performing water tricks during Tanzania's celebration of International Day of Peace 2023.
A group of people holding blue signs in Tanzania.
A man performing a flip in the water.

The Zanzibar Farasi Youth Group’s energy was palpable as they leaped into the air and down into the crystal-clear waters of the Forodhani Diving Spot. The peace messages they held while performing their stunts were visible to onlookers, captured in photographs and videos, and shared across social media, inspiring others to embrace the ideals of peace and unity on International Day of Peace.

The creative performance made a splash, creating waves of positivity that would resonate not only in Zanzibar but across the world.

A group of people from Tanzania gathered in front of a blue table to celebrate International Day of Peace 2023.

Panel of speakers during a forum hosted by GPF Tanzania on International Day of Peace.

The main forum on September 21 was graced by Honorable Mudrick Soraga, the Minister of State in the President’s Office Responsible for Economy and Investment, who represented President Dr. Hussein Mwinyi. In his address, Hon. Soraga emphasized the government’s commitment to youth empowerment and sustainable development. He highlighted four key areas of focus:

Education: The government is dedicated to ensuring that young people receive education and technical training, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Entrepreneurship and Economic Opportunities: Efforts are being made to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and job creation, particularly by supporting small and medium-sized businesses. The goal is to enhance the capacity of youth to drive economic growth and prevent unrest.

Youth Participation: The government is actively working to create a friendly environment for young people to participate in various processes, including policy development. Inclusivity, collaboration, and equal opportunities are key principles.

Environmental Conservation: Young people’s involvement in environmental conservation and the blue economy is a deliberate effort to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. Environmental sustainability contributes to peace and stability.

Shabnam Mallick, Head of the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in Tanzania, commended the United Republic of Tanzania for its long-standing peace and stability. She emphasized the crucial role of peace in economic growth and development. Ms. Mallick encouraged continued collaboration between the government, international partners, and all stakeholders to sustain peace, promote tolerance, and achieve fairness, justice, sympathy, and compassion.

Furthermore, Ms. Mallick encouraged the government to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for a more peaceful and sustainable world. These goals address the root causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, and injustice. By aligning with the SDGs, Tanzania can contribute to a more peaceful world.

A group of people sitting at a table, celebrating International Day of Peace in Tanzania in 2023.

GPF Tanzania hosts community stakeholders and students for an International Day of Peace forum.

In her remarks, the director of GPF Tanzania, Dr. Fatma Waziri, urged all peace stakeholders to join efforts in ensuring that the youth, who are the catalysts for change, receive peacebuilding education and are connected to the appropriate interventions at the right time.

The commemoration of the International Day of Peace in Zanzibar brought together various stakeholders to emphasize the importance of youth engagement, education, entrepreneurship, and environmental conservation in achieving sustainable peace and development. The commitment of the government, UN agencies, and local organizations to these goals is evident, and the event served as a platform to reaffirm their dedication to peace and prosperity in Tanzania.

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