Chandaria Tree Nursery Initiative Supports Sustainable Development in Kenya

David Caprara
April 1, 2024
Group of people participating in an outdoor community project at the Chandaria Tree Nursery in Kenya, involving the preparation of numerous tree seedlings for sustainable development.

Volunteers prepare tree saplings for tree nursery.

In an ongoing effort to protect environmental conservation, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya is working with partners to establish tree nurseries.

Key partners met in January 2024 to inspect the Chandaria Tree Nursery at Lenana School. The Lenana School tree nursery is one of eleven tree nurseries slated for establishment in 2024 by the Chandaria Foundation in partnership with GPF Kenya and the KEPSA Foundation. This collaborative effort underscores a commitment to environmental sustainability and aligns with the national tree-growing strategy, aiming to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

The Chandaria Tree Nursery holds a crucial role in fostering the growth of saplings that will, in turn, contribute to the realization of the ambitious target set by the national tree-growing strategy. The initiative focuses both on the quantity and quality of the trees being planted, ensuring that they thrive and make a lasting impact on the environment.

Neat rows of young plants growing in individual bags within the Chandaria Tree Nursery in Kenya.

New tree saplings growing in Chandaria Tree Nursery at Lenana School.

The many partners have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

Mr. Daniel Juma, CEO of GPF Kenya, has been a driving force in promoting peace and social development, making GPF Kenya an instrumental partner in initiatives like this one that address global challenges. Ms. Gloria Ndetei, leading the KEPSA Foundation, brings a business-oriented approach to social responsibility, fostering partnerships that bridge the gap between corporate entities and community development. The collaboration with Chandaria Foundation, represented by Mr. Vincent Rapando, further strengthens the impact of this partnership, leveraging the foundation’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Four individuals posing with a sign for

Students pose next to the new tree nursery sign.

Dr. John Chumo, CEO of Mama Doing Good, contributes a unique and much-needed layer of collaboration that emphasizes the importance of social responsibility and community welfare. Lenana School’s Chief Principal, Mr. William Kimei, also plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the tree nursery within the school premises.

Students and a teacher engaging in an activity at the Chandaria Tree Nursery at Lenana School, Kenya, supported by the KEPSA Foundation for sustainable development.

Organizers setting up a tree nursery at Lenana School.

The joint efforts of the Global Peace Foundation, KEPSA Foundation, Chandaria Foundation, and other partners in establishing the Chandaria Tree Nursery at Lenana School exemplify a model of collaboration for a shared vision. As they align with the national tree-growing strategy, the initiative not only contributes to the environmental goals set by the country but also stands as a testament to the collective impact that can be achieved through strategic partnerships.

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