Peace Begins in the Home Campaign Supports Orphanages in Kenya

Naomi Yakawich
August 22, 2017

GPW Kenya supporters with banner saying “Peace Begins in the Home”

Global Peace Women (GPW) Kenya hosted over 300 people in a community-wide festival promoting the “Peace Begins in the Home” campaign in Embakasi, Kenya on July 8.

Now making waves in countries across the globe, including the Philippines, Nigeria and Korea, the Peace Begins in the Home campaign is an initiative instigated by the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation to engage women and other stakeholders in creating a supportive cultural environment that strengthens the extended family model, uplifts the central role women play in building and maintaining harmony within the family and greater community.

Orphans receive new school uniforms donated by GPW Kenya

Women, men and youth showed their support in highlighting these values through the submission of photos holding the “Peace Begins in the Home” banner to spread awareness of the important message that all of us have an essential and irreplaceable role to bring peace to the world beginning with our own families: the building blocks of society.

Local students, artists, diverse faith leaders, school administrators and directors from five orphan centers participated in and enjoyed traditional dances, songs and theater performances at the GPW festival. Proceeds from the event benefitted 35 local orphans by providing the young children, age 5 to 16, with new school uniforms they would otherwise not be able to afford.

(Top) GPW Secretary General Dr. Soonok Kang with student volunteers (Bottom) Festival participants hold banner for the “Peace Begins in the Home” Campaign

Stella Nyarombo, director of St. Josephs Cisikon School, expressed her sincere appreciation to GPW Kenya and its many volunteers and supporters saying that the happiness experienced by the school children is commonplace thanks to the consistent support and care given to them.

Dr. Soonok Kang, Secretary General of GPW, spoke at the event, acknowledging GPW Kenya’s hard work and sincere engagement with local partners to create a peaceful environment within the family and in the greater community. She shared her expectation and hope for GPW Kenya to become a model chapter and uphold the standard for other countries to also practice service-oriented leadership.

GPW Kenya continues to develop private and public sector partnerships to support women and children living in underdeveloped and vulnerable environments. Through the donation of school uniforms, school supplies, food, sanitary napkins, job opportunities for women and other resources, GPW Kenya promotes a peaceful family and community culture.

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