Nigerian News Outlets Highlight Community Collaboration Against Drug Abuse

Global Peace Foundation
March 20, 2024

The following excerpt is from an article by Amos Tauna for the Daily Post describing a collaborative effort by Global Peace Foundation Nigeria and the AMAYA Peace Foundation to uplift communities affected by drug abuse.

Speaker addressing at a workshop on community collaboration and illicit drugs.

Magaji Ali, Rep of Administrator Kafanchan Municipal, stresses the significance of broader engagement with individuals affected by drug abuse, highlighting the need for inclusive approaches in addressing this pressing issue.

The Country Director of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, urged participants to confront the issue of drug addiction with empathy and compassion.

He underscored the imperative for a paradigm shift in societal attitudes towards individuals grappling with addiction and emphasized the need to love and support in facilitating the rehabilitation and reintegration of those affected by substance abuse.

Sheikh Halliru Maraya, the Northern Coordinator of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, advocated the adoption of the concept of ‘One Family Under God’, stressing the inherent unity among all humanity irrespective of diverse backgrounds.

He noted the devastating repercussions of illicit drug use, emphasizing the adverse effects on mental health and societal stability.

Participants at the event engaged in discussions and proposed pragmatic solutions to address the complex challenges posed by drug abuse in the area.

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