Leadership Reports “Foundation Tasks Kaduna Community on Peaceful Co-existence”

May 25, 2016
Global Peace Foundation

Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is bringing local leaders of Kaduna State’s Badarawa-Malalai region together to discuss potential resolutions to recent religious conflict in the region.

Global Peace Foundation Nigeria representatives, Rev. John Joseph Hayab and Sheik Haliru Maraya, paid a coutesy visit to the District Head of Badarawa-Malalai, Alhaji Shehu Ja’e, on May 12, 2016 to garner his support for the One Family under God Campaign, a program that brings communities together for peace process. Maraya, expressing the need for community members to recognize a common humanity, said “We are brothers and descendents of Adam and Even which the Holy Books that we all believe and practice its teachings recognizes as the first creation of God.”

Alhaji Shehu Ja’e concluded the meeting saying, “we as a district are in full support of the [One Family under God Campaign] which we believe will further cement the relationship between Muslims and Christians.”


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