Kagoro Peace and Reconciliation Committee Launches in Nigeria

Naomi MacMurdie
December 11, 2022

The community gathers for the launch of the Kagoro Peace and Reconciliation Committee

The Nigerian people are taking action to foster peace in the Kagoro chiefdom. Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria was the facilitator in helping local stakeholders establish the Kagoro Peace and Reconciliation committee on December 6, 2022. The elected Chairman of the committee, Mr. Kambai Sule, described the event as “the gathering of a cloud” preparing to metaphorically let rain fall “when all efforts to put out the inferno on a thatched roof have failed.”

Traditional rulers, religious leaders, and people from all backgrounds came together at the Kagoro Town Hall in solidarity with the new peacebuilding committee. Abdul Ahmed, a representative of GPF Nigeria, attended the program and shared the success stories of the Southern Kaduna Peace and Reconciliation Committee and other groups GPF Nigeria has mentored that have yielded substantial results in restoring peaceful coexistence in the country.

(Left) Coordinator of People Living with Disabilities (Right) Newly Elected Chairman of the Kagoro Peace and Reconciliation Committee Mr. Kambai Sule

Leaders for the committee and subcommittees were nominated and selected at the launch event. They represented a wide demographic, including both Christians and Muslims, young and old, and people with disabilities. Subcommittees included Quick Response and Mediation, Research and Development, and Emergency and Relief.

Mr. Kambai Sule expressed his gratitude for being selected as the committee chairman saying that peace is what they all want irrespective of their religious inclinations or ethnicity “Because, without peace, everything is useless.” He pledged that his team would work tirelessly and without reservations to eliminate all forms of divides in the chiefdom. Mr. Kambai charged all participants to join hands with the committee members for the return of peace and harmony. He added that they all must start from their respective homes and immediate communities.

Chairwoman of the Kagoro Emergency and Relief Committee

GPF Nigeria has started training programs for volunteers in the Kagoro community. The series of training programs aim to build and strengthen the capacity of the volunteers to take ownership of the peacebuilding process. This strategy ensures a community-driven approach to lasting peace.

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