International Forum on One Korea 2020 makes Headlines Around the World

Global Peace Foundation
August 21, 2020

Highlighting democracy, freedom, and human rights as essential values on the road to a united Korean peninsula, scholars and experts discussed peaceful unification at a virtual conference on August 15, 2020, the 75th anniversary of Korea’s National Liberation Day.

The online forum was hosted by Global Peace Foundation under the theme “Realignment amidst Global Changes: New Opportunities for a Free and Unified Korea.” In his keynote address, GPF Founder and Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon discussed the current geopolitical climate, the effects of the pandemic on countries in the Northeast Asia region, and a framework for unification based on Korea’s shared history. He strongly emphasized the ideal of “Hongik Ingan” (“living for the greater benefit of all humanity”) as the founding spirit of Korea and the basis of what he calls the “Korean Dream.”

News channels from across the globe covered the International Forum on One Korea. Hosting participants from 90 nations, the truly international convening is a reminder of the global impact a united Korea will make.

Read more about the International Forum on One Korea and news coverage below:

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