Hope for a Resilient Kenya Amidst a Tense Election Season

Global Peace Foundation
October 19, 2017

The risk of violence in Kenya rises during a tense election season, but leaders and youth are banding together to support a peaceful, Resilient Kenya through it all.

GPF Kenya Director Daniel Juma on a peaceful resolution of the Kenya election season on KTN News

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya Director Daniel Juma joined KTN News in several interviews addressing an “anxious nation” that begs the question of whether or not peaceful elections will take place.

“Elections were never meant to divide the country,” said Mr. Juma, “At the end of the day, these elections are supposed to be for the benefit of the Kenyan people.”

GPF Kenya has remained an ongoing voice of cooperation and dialogue between leaders of faith, government and civic society throughout the election season. By bridging the diverse political, traditional and religious landscape, GPF Kenya strives to help leaders and citizens see their identity as Kenyans first before political affiliations, and open the door to peaceful dialogue, pacifying unrest following the outcome of the elections.

Watch the full interviews on KTN News:

Anxious Nation: What are some of the legal implications on whether or not elections will take place?

Police Vs the people: Police accused of brutality in a bid to tame NASA protesters

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