Green Homes: Green Kathmandu Project Brings Sustainable Development to Nepalese Families

Naomi MacMurdie
May 11, 2024
A group of people, including an elderly man and a woman and four younger women, sitting outdoors having a discussion with notebooks on their laps.

GPF Nepal conducts monthly visits to families in the Green Homes: Green Kathmandu program.

Seeing the tremendous need for sustainable development in Nepal’s largest city, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal collaborated with Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward 5 and Ward 15 to launch the Green Homes: Green Kathmandu project in January 2023. The ongoing program utilizes “green homes” to counter the challenges of poor waste management, severe water pollution, and worsening air quality. Kathmandu lacks open spaces and sustainable agriculture, causing the price of fresh produce to skyrocket.

A woman in a pink dress tends to potted plants with small green produce on a sunny rooftop as part of the Green Kathmandu Project.

A Nepalese woman showcases the produce from her garden.

Over the last year, volunteers and staff of GPF Nepal have provided education and training on a variety of techniques to help citizens transform their homes into eco-friendly and sustainable properties. They learned about sustainable solid waste management, upcycling plastic waste to create new marketable products, making eco-friendly sanitary pads, rainwater harvesting, rooftop gardening, and sustainable farming techniques. Vital health education allowed them to also protect their household from waterborne diseases and reduce air pollution.

Three women holding plants on a rooftop garden as part of the Green Kathmandu Project, with the city skyline in the background.

On the rooftop garden of participants of the Green Homes: Green Kathmandu program.

Anjali Prajapati, a participant, expressed her gratitude for being a part of Green Homes: Green Kathmandu. She shared her reflection, saying:

I am dedicated to putting into practice everything I have learned. As a demonstration of my commitment to sustainability, I have sold my petrol car and purchased an electric vehicle. Additionally, I have incorporated eco-friendly products into my business, selling 150 soaps and 50 liters of liquid soap each month at my shop. Furthermore, I have implemented rooftop farming to ensure a steady supply of vegetables for my family.

I am deeply thankful to Global Peace Foundation Nepal and Engage Nepal for providing me with this invaluable opportunity to make a positive impact on both my community and the environment.

Woman at a World Water Day 2024 smiling at the camera, with attendees and informational banners in the background.

World Water Day 2024 in Nepal.

Sarita Subedi was another beneficiary of the training provided by GPF Nepal. She shared:

In the past year of my involvement in the Green Homes: Green Kathmandu project, I have undergone significant personal and professional transformation. Initially, I struggled with shyness and lacked confidence in interacting with others. However, through my participation in the project, I have learned to overcome these challenges, build confidence, and develop essential teamwork and networking skills.

Working alongside my team, I have successfully produced and sold liquid soap within our community. Additionally, I have embraced sustainable practices such as rooftop farming using home-produced compost and waste reuse. By selling non-biodegradable waste and upcycling plastic products, I have also generated income. Together with my team, we have sold 302 units of liquid soap, with a growing demand from friends and relatives.

I am immensely grateful for the support provided by this project, which has not only empowered me personally but has also contributed to my livelihood.

Group of adults sitting at a table during a meeting on the Green Kathmandu Project, with one man writing on paper, in a well-lit room.

GPF Nepal team meets during World Water Day.

GPF Nepal is dedicated to contributing to the country’s sustainable development. With ongoing participation in events like the Regional Conference on Rainwater Harvesting and Management and World Water Day, GPF Nepal partnered in forums, service projects, and outdoor youth leadership programs to help young people and families connect with nature and the environment.

Group of people posing on rocks beside a lake under a clear sky, supporting the Green Kathmandu Project.

GPF Nepal takes families on a nature hike.

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