GPF Nepal Empowers Global Peacebuilders as Catalysts for Change

Bambie Panta
August 8, 2023

Ten young leaders in Nepal completed their seven-month journey as part of the Global Peacebuilders Cohort 2, a transformative program hosted by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal. The select group underwent training and mentoring to develop their capacity for moral and innovative leadership while also completing their own inspired projects on peacebuilding.

Each participant in the cohort demonstrated dedication and creativity in their chosen areas of focus. Prakriti Tiwari, a law student, organized an insightful session on preventing sexual harassment. Sapana Joshi, a BBA student, offered presentations on how to develop a business plan. Sapana teamed up with fellow Global Peacebuilder Kamal Pokhrel for an initiative called Project “Nyano” (Warm), which collected clothes for 360 individuals in need, providing warmth during the winter.

Nepal Global Peacebuilders Cohort 2 (2023)

Nepal Global Peacebuilders Cohort 2 (2023)

Saloni Pandey was encouraged to start an initiative to raise awareness about global health and breast cancer, empowering women with essential knowledge. Sonu led a session on Ashtanga yoga and organized a spiritual program alongside a food donation event for elderly residents at an old age home. Lujula Maharjan passionately conducted a session on flora, while Kamal Pokhrel shared his passion for architecture in an informative presentation.

Samjhana Rijal advocated for disability awareness and organized a service program revolving around art and music for peace. Alisha Dhungana led an awareness session on environmental conservation and nurturing environmental awareness among her peers. Raksha Adhikari focused on women’s health and hygiene, providing menstrual health management training to over 100 women and girls, alongside sessions on gender-based violence and child marriage for 48 youths.

In their endeavors, the Global Peacebuilders also facilitated the GPF Nepal Moral and Innovative Leadership Workshop, empowering 573 students with the knowledge and skills to become responsible, virtuous global citizens and leaders.

Raksha Adhikari presenting on the topic of

Raksha Adhikari presenting on the topic of “digital literacy” for fellow Global Peacebuilders.

Addressing a pressing concern in Nepal, Raksha Adhikari took up the challenge of tackling digital illiteracy and its impact on mental health through the Mini-Project Mind and Media. This initiative reached out to more than 500 youth and women in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel Municipality, enlightening them about their cyber rights and safety, the potential dangers of excessive social media usage, misinformation, and dis-information.

Through their persistent efforts, the Global Peacebuilders Cohort 2 impacted a total of 1587 individuals, leaving a profound impression on the communities they served. Their dedication to fostering positive change, coupled with their personal growth throughout the journey, exemplified the essence of true leadership.

Raksha Adhikari, reflecting on her experience, shared how she developed essential leadership qualities, learned effective project management, and established valuable professional networks. Her personal growth in confidence further fueled her commitment to working for the greater good.

The Global Peacebuilders program continues to empower young change agents to create a more peaceful world, starting with themselves and their families and communities. As these fellows exemplify, leadership driven by compassion and a desire for positive impact can transform lives and inspire others to follow suit. With the success of Cohort 2, the program paves the way for future cohorts to continue making a difference in their communities and beyond.

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