Peace!Project 2024 Kicks Off at Jakarta Cathedral Church

Naomi MacMurdie
March 15, 2024
Group of individuals posing with banners for a photo at a

Group photo of Peace!Project participants in the Jakarta Cathedral.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia’s “Peace!Project” is a signature program created to help young leaders develop a deeper understanding of their own and other religions and the values they all share to foster respect and friendship. The latest program was made possible with the partnership of the Interreligious Harmony Forum of DKI Jakarta, 5P Foundation, the Pandulisane Community, the Catholic Youth Council, the Muslim Youth Council, the Hindu Youth Council, the Buddhist Youth Council, and the Confucianism Youth Council of Jakarta Special Capital Region.

Visitors seated on benches inside Jakarta Cathedral Church with ornate interior design, listening to a woman speaking at the front as Peace!Project 2024 kicks off.

Group photo of Peace!Project participants in the Jakarta Cathedral.

Youth from a wide range of religious backgrounds met at the Jakarta Cathedral Church in January 2024 for the latest Peace!Project program.

“One of our efforts with the Peace Project, when, for example, there are presidential and vice-presidential candidates who bring up the issue of religion in their campaign, we hope that friends who take part in the Peace Project can be wiser; become agents to convey to other people, that religion is not like that, so we can’t be pitted against each other,” said GPF Indonesia General Manager Shintya Rahmi Utami.

Two women posing for a photo inside the Jakarta Cathedral Church with other people in the background for the Peace Project.

Participants pose together.

Shintya said that another critical way to encourage the younger generation to remain peaceful amidst differences in culture and religion is to use social media to build a positive movement for peace. “At GPF Indonesia, our team is improving how we work on social media,” she said. “So, we are trying to produce positive content and narratives so that young people are more aware of the election and are not easily provoked or pitted against each other.”

Group of people engaged in a discussion at the Jakarta Cathedral Church for the

Group discussions on multifaith approaches to peace.

Putri, a participant, shared her experience, saying,

“I am very impressed with this year’s opening at the Cathedral Church. The diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance demonstrated are truly commendable. It marks a delightful moment as it signifies the beginning of positive collaboration. I feel happy and excited to come here, to the Cathedral Church, as a form of support for efforts to enhance tolerance. I also appreciate the involvement of friends with disabilities, a group often marginalized. They are not just engaged but also recognized as agents of change who can spread the values of tolerance.”

Ms. Susi, representing the Jakarta Cathedral Church, said the collaboration for the Peace!Project was a “concrete manifestation of how we can live harmoniously.” She stated, “We support each other, setting an example of how the younger generation can work towards clear goals. This is crucial as a shelter for them and also as a way to inspire unity.”

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