Global Peace Women Philippines Supports Literacy, ‘Peace in the Hearts of Children’ Projects

Eric Olsen
December 13, 2021

Children determine the future of society based on the values and knowledge they acquire as they mature. When children learn to become peacebuilders, they spread the message of peace to their families and societies. Also, by mastering essential literary skills, children grow to become successful adults and lifelong learners.

Volunteers with donations

GPW Philippines partnered with eight schools to support the International Day of Literacy.

International Literacy Day 2021 on September 8 is an international observance designated by UNESCO to remind individuals, communities, and societies of the need to advance literacy among segments of society that still lack basic education and literacy skills.

Global Peace Women (GPW) Philippines partners with various organizations to support quality education. Throughout September 2021, Global Peace Women Philippines contributed to initiatives to further the education and reading levels of youth in eight partnering elementary and high schools.

“Literacy empowers individuals and improves their lives by expanding their capabilities to choose a kind of life they can value.”
–UNESCO International Literacy Day

GPW Philippines’ Children’s Community Corner project shares the love of reading to children to improve their reading skills. Most volunteers are teachers from a partner high school who read books aloud to a group of children. The introduction to the love of reading opens the door for children to gain valuable knowledge and spark their curiosity and imagination.

Children during service project

GPW Philippines and partners supported education through in-kind donations of books and materials, dialogue and messaging to plant seeds of peace, and volunteer readings with groups of children.

The Peace in the Heart of Children project is a dialogue with children on the importance of practicing peace in the home with their families. Children then write peace messages on heart-shaped paper to share what peace means to them.

Learn more about Global Peace Women’s work to support women’s empowerment and peace in the home and community.

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