Global Peace Women Highlights Leadership and Resilience on Uruguay Webinar

Naomi MacMurdie
August 3, 2022

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil and GPF Paraguay worked with affiliate Global Peace Women (GPW) Uruguay to sponsor a webinar series by Legadoes de las Americas (Legacy of the Americas) called the 2022 Leadership School for the Americas. The series strives to facilitate discussion on current issues, peacebuilding practices, and moral and innovative leadership with a cross-sector of leaders, including current and former heads of states, public and private sector leaders, and young leaders in the region.

GPW Uruguay Country Director, Nibia Pizzo, is a practicing psychologist and professor who also serves as a director for the health program at the National Youth Institute of Uruguay. Ms. Pizzo spoke during the webinar on the topics of leadership, youth, and resilience. Calling it the “resilience factor,” she described leaders with this trait as those who are aware of their potential and limitations, are honest with themselves, and are willing to face uncertainty and frustrations with the drive to develop confidence in their capability. Resilient leaders have the courage to act, the desire to take responsibility for decisions made regardless of the outcome, and the ability to build trust and loyalty through demonstrating integrity. Ms. Pizzo said, “A leader is the one who has that more resilient, more positive attitude. He obviously cannot control the situations but he can control his emotions and attitude.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Pizzo has counseled educators, caretakers, parents, and adolescents through the challenges of social distancing and other parameters brought up by the global concern. She shared tips on how to cultivate resilience and proactively face adversity. According to experts, the first step is to “feel the pain,” followed by admitting loss, lack, and/or frustration, and then removing oneself from the cycle of melancholy or depression.

Ms. Pizzo encouraged participants to strengthen their “resilience factor” by seeking social support and incorporating positive resolutions into their daily life. She also emphasized the importance of creating a healthy environment for children and encouraging them to express creativity. The family is the best and first place for people to cultivate resilience at an early age, said Ms. Pizzo. Helping children learn how to understand their emotions, develop positive outlooks, seek out help from positive relationships, and cultivate important values will help them navigate through challenges.

In a changing world, especially now more than ever, there is a need for resilient leaders who have the courage to act and build trust. Global Peace Women is committed to strengthening and advancing such leadership in women, families, and youth.

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