Global Peace Volunteer finishes its 30th Volunteer Camp in Indonesia

Global Peace Foundation
October 16, 2016

“As part of the largest generation of young people the world has ever known, you can help realize this transformative vision. I count on your drive, idealism and fresh ideas to forge solutions to global challenges.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, International Young Leaders Assembly at the United Nations 2016

Global Peace Volunteers

Global Peace Foundation Indonesia concluded its 30th Global Peace Volunteer camp in mid-October in West Java, Indonesia. Twenty-four select young leaders participated in the unique three-day program that provides hands-on leadership training.

The updated program featured in-depth discussions and exercises to cultivate qualities of moral and innovative leadership, workshops to share best practices, outdoor adventure training and local community service projects.

The rigorous program seeks to equip participants not only with leadership skills such as public speaking, program organization, resource development and management, but also character competencies such as confidence, relationship building, conflict resolution and practical applications of values. “I got so many experiences with science, friends, and social activities,”  commented a program graduate, recognizing the effectiveness of the diverse approaches to leadership development. “They motivate me to give happiness to others.”

The program connects leadership concepts with real-life experiences, and places emphasis on developing visionary leadership. “The vision of One Family under God changed my point of view about people,” reflected another participant. “It is so powerful.”

The special 30th  Global Peace Volunteer camp was attended by international Global Peace Youth representatives Yeqing Lee and James Poon who brought a global perspective to youth leadership development. Yeqing Lee, international director of Global Peace Youth, the youth division of the Global Peace Foundation, emphasized the importance of raising a robust, creative and inspired generation of youth who spearhead innovations that support ongoing global efforts to secure peace and prosperity. He expressed his hope to see Global Peace Volunteer Camp replicated as a successful model of youth leadership development around the world.

Since the first Global Peace Camp in 2010, Global Peace Foundation Indonesia has continued to invest in raising and supporting young leaders of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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