Global Peace Foundation Kenya Efforts Bring Hope for Transparent and Credible National Elections

Global Peace Foundation
June 6, 2017

Global Peace Foundation Kenya Director Daniel Juma told KTN News Kenya in a recent interview that GPF efforts in the region are building hope for a “transparent, credible and free election” coming up for the country this August.

Mr. Juma said recent elections were stark reminders of the violence that can result from instability and disunity between diverse groups across the country. He described the attitude of citizens in past elections saying, “We don’t think like Kenyans. We think like members of parties or tribes. Ethnicity is one of the biggest problems we have had since independence. I’m hoping that our leaders can be able to construct a nation. We need to really build a nation so that we don’t destroy the fabric of what made us Kenyans in the first place.

GPF Kenya programs support vulnerable members of society, including jobless youth, who are susceptible to corrupt political and extremist groups. By providing youth with moral and innovative leadership education and opportunities to contribute to their communities, GPF raises young people with the skills, confidence and sense of responsibility to promote peace within the country.

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