Global Peace Foundation Hosts Transformative Interfaith Engagement Training

Naomi MacMurdie
September 26, 2023
A man presenting at Global Peace Foundation's transformative training.

GPF Nigeria Senior Program Manager, Abdul Ahmed, co-facilitating training sessions

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria orchestrated a transformative Interfaith Engagement Training in Lagos State on August 17, 2023. Guided by Rev. John Joseph Hayab, GPF Nigeria Country Director, and co-facilitator Mr. Abdul Ahmed, GPF Nigeria Senior Program Manager, the training centered on nurturing interfaith collaboration utilizing GPF’s core principles and values and exploring practical exercises to incorporate the profound benefits of interfaith collaborations.

Throughout the training, attendees delved into the essence of interfaith collaboration as a vehicle for peacebuilding. The program featured dynamic discussions and interactive exercises meticulously designed to elucidate the principles and vision of GPF Nigeria while showcasing the pivotal role interfaith engagement plays in conflict resolution and bridging divides within polarized communities. A portion of the One Family Under God campaign toolkit manual was covered during this first in-person engagement training, to be continued in subsequent interfaith encounters.

A diverse group of faith leaders standing in front of a building during the Global Peace Foundation's Transformative Interfaith Engagement Training.

Faith leaders at the Interfaith Engagement Training

Esteemed speakers, including Dr. O. Kehinde Babarinda, Imam Alfanla Muhammad, Dr. Mrs. Ashiru Ajoke Sariyu, and Ayodele Olasammi, highlighted the significance of interfaith collaboration in addressing conflicts and promoting harmonious coexistence. The discourse focused on how shared values, humanity, and a common vision can pave the way for communities to work together despite differences, encouraging mutual understanding and unity.

Audience during the Interfaith Engagement Training

Audience during the Interfaith Engagement Training

Participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, investigating practical scenarios and real-life case studies that exemplified the tangible outcomes of interfaith collaboration. This approach facilitated a deeper understanding of the power of empathy and dialogue in resolving disputes and building bridges across communities polarized by conflict or religious tensions.

The training consistently underscored the vision of a world united by peace, where interfaith collaboration serves as a beacon of hope. Participants left the training enriched with knowledge and invigorated by the potential to be agents of change within their communities.

Christian and Muslim women embrace during Interfaith Engagement Training

Christian and Muslim women embrace during Interfaith Engagement Training

The Interfaith Engagement Training program’s dynamic discussions, practical exercises, and distinguished speakers illuminated the transformative potential of interfaith partnerships in building bridges and dissolving tensions, echoing the very essence of GPF Nigeria’s principles and values.

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