Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo Inspires Collaboration across the Americas

Naomi Yakawich
November 21, 2018

FLORIDA, USA, October 17, 2018— Global Peace Foundation (GPF) and the Latin American Presidential Mission, an association of Latin American former heads of state founded by GPF in 2012, played a major role in the annual Florida International Trade and Cultural Exhibition. The event was attended by more than 2,000 people from 500 U.S. companies, 400 international organizations, and participants from federal, state, and local commerce agencies from 50 countries around the world.

(Left to right) Margaret Delmont, former President Nicolas Ardito (Panama), former President Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala), Thomas Field

(Left to right) Margaret Delmont, former President Nicolas Ardito (Panama), former President Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala), Thomas Field

The Florida International Trade and Cultural Exhibition is a space for international trade and cultural exchange that seeks to welcome new businesses, collaborate and connect businesses and people, while providing tools and resources for those looking to grow their business throughout the world.

GPF hosted two of the exhibition’s main sessions, including a World Leaders and Former Presidents Panel on “Opening Horizons to New Market Opportunities” and a panel on a “Master Plan for Transport and Logistics for the Integration of Central America.”

World Leaders and Former Presidents Panel

World Leaders and Former Presidents Panel

The Commissioner of Broward County, Hon. Dale Holness, introduced the former presidents on the panel, highlighting the recent signing ceremony initiating the planning of a Latin American Presidential Library Center in the county which will feature the work of democratically elected presidents from Latin America as a cultural and educational center. One of the goals for the library will be to host conferences on Latin American topics, involving former presidents from those countries in the discussion.

Jaime Flores, an internationally-known journalist and political analyst led a discussion at the event on the democratic processes and opportunities that Latin America has for the development of its economies. “Our greatest strength lies in our unity. The sum of our efforts provides us with more and better development options,” explained former President Vinicio Cerezo of Guatemala. “Geographically, Central America is a bridge that unites the American continent, we are also a bridge of opportunities for our population, for young people, men and women throughout the region,” he emphasized. For his part, former President Nicolas Ardito Barletta of Panama spoke about the ever-expanding opportunities for trade between his country and South Florida, especially considering the newly expanded Panama Canal.

Other participants included Mr. Tom Field, Executive Director of the Latin American Presidential Mission; Ms. Olinda Salguero, Chief of Staff for the Central American Integration System; Ms. Desiree Garcia Flores, Executive Director for the Secretariat of the Central American Economic Integration System; Ms. Margaret Delmont with Global Peace Foundation; and Ms. Paola Isaac Baraya of Broward County’s Office of Economic and Small Business Development

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