First Amendment Voice Alliance

Global Peace Foundation
November 8, 2021

The First Amendment Voice Alliance serves to encourage citizens to understand and exercise their First Amendment rights, which express our essential rights and responsibilities as self-governing citizens, through a collaborative campaign of education, awareness, and advocacy. The First Amendment Voice Alliance has launched this national campaign with a comprehensive initiative that reaffirms and promotes our First Amendment rights and responsibilities. Through education, awareness, advocacy, network development, and the promotion of grassroots solutions, the Alliance hopes to address issues and policies affecting First Amendment rights through advocacy; to build a broad pluralistic constituency of citizens as vital to all, regardless of religion, race, culture, or socio-economic background; and to demonstrate through grassroots solutions the power of self-governing ethical citizens engaged in solving problems facing our communities. The Global Peace Foundation is proud to have served as an incubator of the First Amendment Voice Alliance and helped to launch the Alliance as its own 501(c)3 incorporated organization. GPF remains committed to assisting the Alliance by serving as a board member, through which it passionately advocates the guarantee of First Amendment rights.

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