Financial Literacy Workshop Expands Opportunities for Women in Nigeria

Naomi MacMurdie
April 25, 2023

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria conducted a two-day training on financial literacy for 100 women and youth on April 11 and 12, 2023. The economic empowerment workshop brought citizens of Kagoro together from diverse ethnoreligious backgrounds, giving them an opportunity to expand their network and work together to uplift their community. GPF Nigeria recognized that poverty has been a factor in civil conflict and hopes that providing workshops like this one will expand peace in the country.

The training sessions mainly focused on strengthening skills and equipping participants with knowledge and skills in financial literacy, particularly business planning and management, value chain, value addition, market analysis, budgeting, and record keeping, amongst others. Helping women specifically in achieving financial autonomy is believed to reduce tension and conflict in the family, which can overflow into society.

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