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'Essentials for Peacebuilding' Workshop Highlights Efforts Towards a Global Ethic
Global Peace Convention 2017 Interfaith Peacebuilding Track
Global Peace Convention 2017 Interfaith Peacebuilding Track

The Global Peace Foundation believes that, in addition to the unique and primary religious mission of their faith traditions, religious leaders and men and women of faith have a shared responsibility to bridge divisions, resolve conflicts and build ethical societies based on common ideals,  aspirations, principles and values.

Through its initiatives and programs, the Global Peace Foundation seeks to harness the moral authority of faith leaders to inspire, guide, motivate, and to be actively engaged in vital peace-making and peace-sustaining processes for the benefit of the entire human family.

Latest News

Goska leaders
Four communities in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria, reaffirmed their commitment to grassroots interfaith efforts to end violence and rebuild trust between the groups in separate meetings hosted by Global Peace Foundation (GPF).
Published on 12/04/2017
Peacebuilding Workshop
In a full-day, capacity training workshop run by the Dialogue Institute, participants of the Global Peace Foundation’s post-convention program gathered on March 4, 2017 to learn more about the global ethic and the “essentials of peacebuilding.”
Published on 05/04/2017
Published on Mar 27, 2017 "Strategic and Practical Applications of a Global Ethic on the Local Level: the Role of Faith Leaders "
Published on 04/04/2017