Young Leaders from 11 Asian Nations Find Common Ground at Asia Youth Exchange 2013

Eric Olsen
July 30, 2013

120 young leaders representing 11 Asian countries joined 200 delegates from the 3rd International Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation Global Summit 2013.

Dressed in their respective traditional costumes, 120 young leaders representing 11 Asian countries joined 200 delegates from the 3rd International Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation Global Summit 2013 for a meaningful intercultural experience during the Asian Youth Exchange 2013. The 2013 AYE was hosted by the Global Peace Foundation founded by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon.

The program at the International Youth Centre in Kuala Lumpur from July 2-5 emphasized shared values across faiths and cultures and drew strong support from Malaysia’s Department of National Unity and Integration.

Special guest of honor Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Kurup, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, also expressed his recognition and support of this unique gathering of Malaysian and international youths.

Top: International participants exchange views of regional and global issues. Below: Raising funds in Kuala Lupur for the community service project Power of 10 Cents.

Participants of AYE 2013 were given the opportunity to voice their perspective on regional and global issues such as volunteerism and sustainable youth movements that will benefit communities. To further promote understanding and religious harmony, participants visited various religious houses, including Evangeline Lutheran Church, Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple, Sri Sakthi Karpaga Vinayagar Temple, Sam Kow Tong (3 Teachings) Temple and Madrasathul Ghoutiyyah. (see Eye-Opening Trip for Asian Youth)

Hands-On Volunteerism

Participants were also divided into smaller groups for raising funds in Kuala Lumpur city to support the Power of 10 Cent community service project. Participants showcased various talents in singing and dancing to mall goers, tourists, shopkeepers and passers-by and raised a total of RM1, 064.95 in just three hours.

The Asia Youth Exchange Peace Festival, sponsored in partnership with Malaysia’s Ministry of National Unity, Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the University of Malaya, inspired a passion to promote peace and development among the participants. Shintya, a Muslim representative from Indonesia, said, “I can have a big vision and dream beyond religions like Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism, and beyond countries and cultures.”
Speaking about the program, Chief Executive Officer of GPF Malaysia Dr. Teh Su Thye said, “At GPF Malaysia, we are committed to raising young leaders for the future. International exchange program like AYE 2013 offers young people a different perspective on how they look at the world.”

The four-day Asia Youth Exchange 2013 seeks to develop future leaders with character, creativity and values. GPF Malaysia invites youths who are interested in service projects and volunteerism to contact [email protected] for upcoming projects and learning opportunities.

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