Young Leaders Demonstrate One Family on the Streets of India

Global Peace Foundation
February 19, 2018

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) India Campus Ambassadors organized a Heritage Walk on February 3 for youth in India to explore the historical and beautiful Lodhi Garden in New Delhi. Ms. Vidhi Gandhi, Vice President of the Art and Architecture Society, gave students a background on the buildings and monuments in the Garden, helping them connect to their shared heritage and each other as members of a larger human family.

Inspired by the message that humanity is one family, volunteers would take to India’s streets to foster community bonding.

Following the walk, volunteers shared their spirit of brotherly love, distributing donated toys, warm clothes, chocolates and shoes to children, women and the elderly begging on the streets of India.

On February 11, more GPF volunteers visited a senior home in Prem Dham, Dalanwala, Dehradun to play music and distribute flowers, fruits and handmade cards to the elderly.

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