Young Leaders Challenged to Live Altruistic Lives based on Dr. Hyun Jin Moon’s Vision of One Family under God

Eric Olsen
April 26, 2011
Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, an altruistic leader, mentors and inspires young leaders as he passionately speaks into a microphone on various platforms.

Hon. Datuk Dr. Ghauth Jasmon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Malaysia.

KUALA LUMPUR— “A true leader performs under any circumstances even when they are not assisted,” the Honourable Datuk Dr. Ghauth Jasmon, Vice Chancellor of University of Malaysia, told undergraduate students at the launch of Young Leaders Assembly at the university on 16 April 2011.

Challenging students to be altruistic leaders, the vice chancellor said such leaders “wait for no one and just do it. They use whatever resources they have in their hands to contribute and do not want recognition for what they do. That is the true spirit of One Family under God. It is such a beautiful expression.”

More than 150 students from 17 public and private universities gathered for the one-day assembly, meeting in sessions that included “The Power of Service” and “Leadership for Future.” Dynamic speakers such as Dr. Tengku Naufal, a youth consultant trainer; Anas Zubedy, an author and trainer; Datin Seri Ismalina Ismail, a social activist; James Poon, Director of Leadership Development, GPF Malaysia, an organization founded by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon; Victor Li, Founding President, Global Leadership Institute; and K. Puniamurthy, Head of Student Affair Division, University of Malaya, spoke in two plenary sessions, while engaging students in many questions and answers.

In addition to attending lecture presentations, participants were divided into teams for activities such as “building bridges of love,” team cheers, dynamic dancing, and group discussions.

“I encouraged every student to join this program because a lot of human values can be learned and practised through this platform,” said Nur Alia Syahida, a student at UiTM, the largest university in Malaysia.

Built on Dr. Hyun Jin Moon’s vision of ‘One Family under God’, “This program is the platform for students like me to feel that we need to be a leader not just as individuals, but for our family, our society and the entire human family,” said Tanzeev Ul Haque, a student participant from Bangladesh.

“Although the vision of One Family under God is huge, however with love, everyone feel like brothers and sisters, so I believe this is possible,” James, a student participant from Kenya shared.

The Young Leaders Assembly provides a platform for undergraduate students to exchange ideas and to learn best practices toward fostering a culture of service and volunteerism. Participants signed up to attend future Global Peace Volunteer Workshops in preparation for a culminating Young Leaders Summit in October 2011.

To learn more about Global Peace Volunteer Workshops and the 2011 Young Leaders Summit in Malaysia, contact Global Peace Festival Foundation Malaysia at [email protected] or visit Facebook  at

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