Volunteers Serve Students and Build Peace in the Philippines

Global Peace Foundation
September 23, 2019

In the Philippines, there are hundreds of students that attend school without pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies for taking notes or doing school work. In June, Global Peace Foundation’s (GPF) Women’s division collaborated with Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines to conduct fundraising drives for school supplies in public elementary and high schools in Cardona Rizal. Hundreds of elementary and high schoolers received supplies from the drive.

GPF distributed 7,000 pencils donated by SM Cares for the students. During the drive, there was a seminar on hand-washing hygiene, providing necessary education for elementary school students, as well as a Drug Prevention seminar for high schoolers.

Service projects like these not only support students to make the most of their education but in the end drive them to become successful adults and citizens within their communities.

Volunteers show new school supplies to be donated

Soon after the school supplies drives, Global Peace Foundation collaborated with Inner Wheel Club of Central Pasig and Catholic Women’s Club for a service project at House of Somang: Home for the Aged in Las Pinas City. Supplies were given to the elderly for basic needs, such as groceries and water dispensers. The main intention of the project was to uplift the spirits of the residents through singing, dancing, and talking with them. These activities keep the elderly from feeling listless or unhappy, bringing joy and laughter to the home.

Global Peace Foundation serves communities with the vision that everyone is part of one human family, regardless of race and religion. The lasting impact of service extends beyond the individuals served. Service helps communities become self-sufficient and cultivates leaders driven by moral principles and values that foster a culture of peace.

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