Traditional Leaders in Nigeria make Visits to Advocate Peace

Emiko Perea
November 16, 2020

With recent religious conflict reemerging in Nigeria, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria rose up to create peace-based discussions among people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds to restore peace back to areas of conflict and violence. GPF Nigeria gathered three notable emirs and forty-five subjects to visit three well-known and influential traditional palaces in the state of Zamfara to discuss peaceful coexistence and to better understand what it means to be part of One Family under God.

The Emir of Gusau emphasized that many communities appeared hopeless as a result of the bandit attacks before GPF became involved. However, he is optimistic that GPF Nigeria will be the catalyst to achieve lasting peace. The Emir of Anka, who is also the chairman of the Zamfara State Council, said that the campaign brought hope to them as leaders and showed the necessity for them to work together to address challenges. The Emir of Bungudu appreciated GPF Nigeria’s dedication to restoring peace to the state and promises to work with GPF in the future with his subjects. The three leaders pledged to support the One Family under God campaign and to share the message to other leaders for the sake of restoring peace to Zamfara.

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