The Woman Who Lives Positively: Nancy Isabel Ocampo Velázquez

Wairimu Mwangi
June 8, 2023
Nancy Isabel Ocampo Velázquez

Nancy Isabel Ocampo Velázquez

Living positively can mean different things to different people. A positive mindset brings optimism, joy, gratitude, and happiness and helps us live a satisfying life. It helps us form good habits that not only improve our lifestyle but also inspire those around us.

On March 31, 2023, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Paraguay collaborated with Global Peace Women to explore the topic “The Woman Who Lives Positively” during a virtual training. Throughout the webinar, which was attended by more than 140 participants through the Zoom meeting platform and Facebook live stream, Ms. Nancy Isabel Ocampo Velázquez, the guest speaker, shared her personal experience that has shaped her positive lifestyle.

Positive living is a major building block for a healthy society. It is an important pillar for social transformation. Positive-minded leaders can use their optimism, energy, and influence to foster peace and bridge people from all backgrounds.

“We are what we think, feel, say, and do,” Nancy began. She expounded on the different aspects that have directed her towards living positively, highlighting her unique life situations, experiences, learning, and transformation of spirit (spirituality), soul (intelligence, emotions, feelings), and body (physical). She explained that her mindset change was prompted by her understating of the power of words. Nancy referenced her religious scripture, the Holy Bible, quoting, “Whatever is true, whatever is worthy, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is honorable, if there is any virtue or anything worthy of praise, think about it.” (Phil 4:8)

“Vibrate in a positive frequency, and you attract what you want,” Nancy continued. She encouraged the participants to be wary of the people they chose to have in their circles to ensure that positive energy propels their growth in every aspect of life. She shared inspiring key messages that she had received from her support system.

Nancy recognized her personal coach who had supported her during a very difficult moment in her life. Her coach had said to her, “Allow yourself permission to flourish. You are awesome. Open your own communications agency.” These positive messages prompted the creation of her business. She even overcame the pandemic and moved forward with success in her entrepreneurial journey.

Nancy went on to share some insights and ideas to help participants embody positive living. She suggested they focus on the present moment, read their own holy scripture, and meditate. She urged them to continually use positive language, interact with positive people, and nourish themselves with positive messages, whether through reading or listening to music. Moreover, she reminded them to have a grateful attitude and to visualize success as they seek to achieve their dreams.

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