The Right to Peace: Youth and Women Empowerment in Tanzania

Naomi Yakawich
November 12, 2018

From World Cleanup Day to International Day of Peace and International Day of the Girl Child, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) volunteers and young leaders in Tanzania are taking the lead in creating peace and sustainable development throughout the region.

Volunteers scoured Koko beach at Oyster Bay in Dar Es Salaam and the surrounding area for debris on September 15 for World Cleanup Day. Finding volunteers was not difficult with youth who prioritize healthy environments. One volunteer said, “We consider this a very important day. The world is our home we are living in. Therefore, taking care of it is our priority; we need to love our world and ensure that we always take good care of it.”

In commemoration of International day of Peace, GPF Tanzania joined United Nations and Inter-Religious Council for Peace Tanzania (IRCPT), Global Network of Religious for children (GNRC), Youth of United Nations Associations (YUNA), Jane Goodall Root and Shoots,  International Organization for Migration (OIM), Peoples Development Forum (PDF) to organize an event that was  coordinated by the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) at Morena hotel on September 21.

Guest of honor,  the Honorable Petrobas Katambi, District Commissioner of Dodoma town,  encouraged youth to continue to be peace ambassadors and pledged more cooperation between the Government of Tanzania and citizens. Emphasizing the UN Sustainable development Goals, he reminded participants that there is no development without peace. It is the responsibility of every citizen to maintain peace, respecting differences in religion and culture and highlighting human rights.

Over 200 gathered for a forum commemorating International Day of the Girl Child on October 11. The forum convened many women’s empowerment groups including Msichana Initiative, Najivunia kuwa binti, SADAKA, Her Initiative, Mwanamke na Uongozi, SHIVYAWATA, Binti Salha Foundation, and Victorious Women Empowerment to discuss initiatives for girl’s success in Tanzania as well as the contribution men can make towards a society that encourages women leadership.

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