Standard Digital Reports “Christian Leaders Hosted in Nairobi Mosque for Prayers to Boost Cohesion”

Global Peace Foundation
September 19, 2015

In a historic event, Muslim leaders hosted their Christian counterparts at Nairobi’s Jamia Mosque for Friday prayers to promote interfaith harmony in the wake of religious terrorism. Christian leaders from many denominations of the country joined thousands of faithful Muslims for the Friday sermon.

Oh behalf of the Christian leaders, Global Peace Foundation Kenya Executive Director, Daniel Juma Omondi, suggested that their visit to the Jamia Mosque is a representation of cooperative efforts by both religions. “We are moving away from merely tolerating each other as Kenyans of different faiths and instead actively cooperating with each other to make our communities better. Building understanding and trust is the necessary first step,” Omondi said.

There were other Christian leaders in attendance, such as Arthur Oyange of the Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Tuesday Gichuki of the Africa Peace Service Corps, and Rev. John Alusiola from the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya.



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