Six Women Recognized for Peace Building efforts at 8th Annual Living for the Sake of Others Awards

Naomi Yakawich
December 1, 2016

The 2016 Living for the Sake of Others Awards in Paraguay

The 8th annual “Living for the Sake of Others” Awards Ceremony honored six outstanding women for their many years of hard work, courage, leadership, and dedication to their communities and Paraguayan society. The ceremony was held in the Bicameral Chamber of the National Congress, where over 200 leaders participated in the program, including representatives from all three branches of government, the Ministry of Women, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Public Health on December 1, 2016.

Honorable Sonia Brucke, the Director of the Commission for Equality, Gender and Social Development for the Senate of Paraguay, introduced renowned family counselor, Dr. José Antonio Montiel. Dr. Montiel presented the keynote address guided by the theme, “Family as the Center of Emotional Development.” He addressed various aspects related to the fundamental role of the family as the
 core of society, particularly the role of parents in the emotional development of children into healthy, happy adults. Dr. Montiel described the characteristics of a healthy family and the need for the integral development of all its members.

GPW Paraguay Director Cristina Field

Mrs. Jae Soon Cristina Field, Global Peace Women (GPW) Director for Latin America, warmly congratulated the six winners for 2016. She emphasized the unique and important role of women in peace building saying, “Women must be genuine leaders to bring about reconciliation and peace from the family to the world, being able to embrace those who are divided and unite them.”

The awardees included Alicia Puchetta de Correa, the first woman to become Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice; Sister Josefina Yamada, who has spent her life in service to the elderly living in solitude, disease, and extreme poverty since she arrived in Paraguay from Japan in1967; Teacher and mother Dolly Espíndola, who commutes 124 km by foot, horse, boat, and motor scooter, to deliver bilingual education (Spanish and Guarani) to her students; Claudia Kress, the Executive Director of Paraguay’s most prestigious packaging company for natural juices and water, exporting PH+8 water to countries as far away as Asia; Carina Daher Pacuá, President of the Chamber of Manufactured Exported Goods; and Maria Sixta Marecos de Vera, the Caazapá state representative for the Advisory Council of Agriculture and Rural Women in Paraguay.

GPW is the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation, which uplifts the dignity and unique role of women in peace building through education and advocacy, service, and a global network of exemplary women leaders.

This year’s program was organized by GPW Paraguay with the support of the Legislative Office of Senator Lilian Samaniego, the Culture Department of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of National Defense, National Police, and the Command of Paraguay’s Military Forces.

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