Shelter of Hope for Roshani

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June 12, 2015

Roshani and her family with Rise Nepal’s Volunteers, who helped build the transitional shelter.

Roshani Bogati Sarki is a class 9 student of Shree Shringery Community School, Lamatar. She lives with her mom, Ganga and her younger sister Rami.

Since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake made their house inhabitable, they have been living in a makeshift tent. “The makeshift tent made out of tarpaulins temporarily shelters us, but we don’t know how long it will stay. It has already started the leak when it rains. Insects and even a snake go inside our tent. So it is not really safe,” said Roshani.

“With Rise Nepal’s help, we got the transitional shelter built for us. Now we don’t need to worry about the rain and the snakes. Thank you very much to Rise Nepal and the donors for helping us. It is a really big help,” she added.

Roshani’s mother, Ganga is a farm laborer who earns $3 a day. She said, “With our economic condition, we don’t know when we will be able to build a house. The transitional shelter that you have provided us will be our refuge for one or maybe a few years. This will be a safer and comfortable place for my family, especially for my kids. They have a better place to study at night. We are really grateful to the volunteers and donors who helped us.”

Roshani’s family is just one of the beneficiaries of Rise Nepal’s Shelter of Hope Campaign. Help #RiseNepal provide shelters for 1,000 such families through the “Shelter of Hope” Campaign. Volunteers are rushing to get as many shelters up before monsoon season. Make a donation today and make a difference.Global Peace Foundation program RiseNepal help Roshani and her family.

Roshani and her family modify and prepare the shelter that could be their home for few years until they can build a permanent one.

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