Peace Begins in the Home Global Campaign: Japan

Global Peace Foundation
February 4, 2019

With distinct and complementary physiological and emotional qualities, both men and women play essential roles in creating and protecting healthy families as the cornerstone of healthy societies. This is why the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation initiated the Peace Begins in the Home Global Campaign. By recognizing the value of both mothers and fathers and their shared role to raise future generations that respect themselves and each other as contributing members of their communities, the campaign inspires people from around the world to stand together for initiatives that protect the health and strength of the family institution.

Families in Japan showed their support for the campaign at the Sunami Community Center in Kimitsu City in honor of National Family Day and Family Week in October 2018. Since then, hundreds of people of all ages, including elementary students, Middle and High School students, parents, and grandparents submitted pictures with the Peace Begins in the Home banner. Ms. Kayo Miyazaki is a leading advocate for the campaign in Japan, setting up a booth to share on the importance of the Peace Begins in the Home movement to families, inviting them to take a family picture with the motto and to keep it as a reminder that each family is important in building a peaceful world.

With more than forty submissions created on National Family Day, Ms. Miyazaki plans to continue celebrating the annual holiday with the booth to promote the Peace Begins in the Home campaign every year.

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