Partners for Global Peace Join Forces to Bring Scholarship Opportunities to Youth in Central America

Naomi MacMurdie
August 5, 2022

By Naomi MacMurdie

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Central America signed a memorandum with the Institute for the Development of Higher Education in Guatemala (INDESGUA) and Esquipulas Foundation on July 22, 2022, to commit to providing more scholarships and opportunities to youth in Central America.

partners sign memorandum more scholarships and opportunities to youth in Central America

(Left) Luis Edgar Arenas, Director of INDESGUA and (Right) Olinda Salguero, President of the Esquipulas Foundation and Representative of GPF Central America during the signing of the memorandum

INDESGUA and Esquipulas Foundation are organizations that hold more than a decade of experience in bringing awareness to and providing greater opportunities for students to study higher education in the region.

“We founded INDESGUA fifteen years ago to help people achieve their goals and dreams,” explained INDESGUA Executive Director Luis Edgar Arenas, “With this strategic alliance with Fundación Esquipulas and Fundación Paz Global Centroamérica, I am sure that together we will make an important quality leap to impact many more lives and with it the region itself.”

Partners in this new focused venture are adamant that education will be a powerful tool in transforming the region. In global rankings, Central America obtains fewer scholarships compared to other Latin American countries.

Olinda Salguero, President of Esquipulas Foundation and representative for GPF Central America, shared her commitment to transforming education, “In conjunction with INDESGUA we want to strengthen the dissemination of knowledge and provide tools that add possibilities of success to the youth of the region to obtain more scholarships abroad.”

Learn more about INDESGUA and the Esquipulas Foundation.

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