Paraguay’s Education Sector Gathers for Forum on Educational Transformation

Eric Olsen
October 9, 2015

Paraguayan youth have one of the highest literacy rates, at 99 percent, in comparison to other middle-income countries in the region according to a 2014 study by the Education and Policy Data Center. The study suggests the high value placed on education within the country, and so a platform to communicate new and effective learning strategies is being sought out by educators to further develop the educational system.

man standing and speaking

Panel experts speak to educators on educational transformation in Paraguay.

The Global Peace Foundation’s Education Division hosted a series of education-based events in Paraguay in September 2015. On September 2, GPF-Paraguay along with the Paraguayan Federation of Teachers, organized the Forum on Educational Transformation, which took place at the San Lorenzo’s Theater in San Lorenzo City.

Some 250 educators representing different levels of the education sector as well as related organizational representatives participated in discussions towards transforming the education standards. Addressing these issues were panelists from prestigious institutions of Paraguay such as the Pedagogical Supervision, an institution created by the Ministry of Education of Paraguay, as well as the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports of the Central Government of Paraguay. Other speakers included representatives from Together for Education, a corporate movement that seeks to turn education into a national cause, the Paraguay TAVA Foundation, and others.

Educational experts speak at Paraguay forum focused on educational transformation.

Forum participants reported that it was highly productive and informative. As a first of many, this event has proven significant for educators and administrators to have a platform to engage and discover ways to improve education in Paraguay.


Educators are inspired to develop education further in Paraguay.

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