Paraguay Postmark Sends Peace Begins in the Home Campaign Around the World

September 28, 2018
Eric Olsen

Postmark ceremony attendees show support for Peace Begins in the Home
Postmark ceremony attendees show support for the Peace Begins in
the Home campaign

By Emiko Perea

The Paraguay government and Ministry of Education and Science recognized the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) international movement “Peace Begins in the Home” as a campaign of national educational interest, approving the General Post Office of Paraguay to distribute a GPF postmark spreading the message of the campaign at home and abroad.

Initiated by the women’s division of GPF, the Peace Begins in the Home campaign promotes awareness of each family member’s value and responsibility to foster a culture of peace in their home environment. By recognizing the value of both mothers and fathers and their shared role to raise future generations that respect themselves and each other as contributing members of their communities, the campaign inspires people from around the world to stand together for initiatives that protect the health and strength of the family institution.

Eloy Juan Melgarejo of the Paraguay Post Office offers remarks at the Ceremony
for the Presentation of the Postmark

A Ceremony for the Presentation of the Postmark was held June 27, 2018 at the Hall of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Nation. Representatives of Paraguay government, GPF Paraguay, and public and private sector partners attended the ceremony. Mrs. María Ester Jiménez, National President of Global Peace Women and former Minister of Education, explained the importance of the the campaign and shared the efforts being carried out in coordination with public and private institutions. She said, “Order only comes when we act intelligently, if we achieve the right balance between discipline and love.”

Between June and July, more than three and a half thousand envelopes containing informational materials on the topic “Peace begins at home” were sent to Spain, Germany, Chile, the United States, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Panama, Korea, Japan, Nepal, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, India, China, Tanzania, Cambodia, Indonesia, Ireland, Uganda, and Mongolia.

Postmarked mail issued by the government of Paraguay for the Peace Begins in the Home campaign

National authorities that participated in the postmark ceremony included recently elected congresswomen and congressmen; the director of the Philatelic Advisory; General Secretary of the Paraguayan Post; General Director of Ceremonial and Protocol of the Chamber of Senators; Minister of the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice; and President of the Cultural Parliament of the National Congress.

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