Paint Peace: Promoting Moral and Innovative Leadership

Poojita Goswami
December 6, 2023

Coloring the world with the paint of peace, GPF India launched an initiative known as “Paint Peace,” during the Moral and Innovative Leadership Forums, to promote the values of the Global Peace Foundation.

A group of people holding up a banner despite the rain.

Participants in GPF India’s Paint Peace project

“Paint Peace” aims to promote the principles of peacebuilding by helping young individuals understand the moral underpinnings and foster innovative approaches to resonate and address peace. In this program, participating youth are tasked with painting their vision of peace and a method for promoting global peace values in their respective communities. This initiative spans across ten states in India and has witnessed the emergence of vibrant and imaginative ideas for promoting social harmony. Within each Moral and Innovative Leadership (MIL) forum, delegates express their individual ideas of peace through art.

Participants in GPF India’s Paint Peace project

Inspired by this initiative, the Government College of Art and Craft in Assam collaborated with GPF India to take the movement to a larger scale. On the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2023, by painting a forty-five-meter cloth in a public space, they inspired thousands of youths across the area, spreading the ethos of, “One Family Under God,” and the Sustainable Development Goals. They further marched with this painting to spread awareness of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam movement.

Another leadership was taken by Mount Abu Public School in Delhi, which also has one of the active Youth Peace Clubs of GPF India, joined the initiatives. Students from grades 3 to 9 painted a thirty-five-meter cloth, emphasizing the GPF logo, vision, and focus areas.

Participants in GPF India’s Paint Peace project

“It was really enlightening to understand our own belief of peace and represent the regional culture through art,” remarked Pranamee, a participant in the MIL Forum in Rajasthan. “I feel a sense of fulfillment in representing peace through various colors and am delighted to witness everyone around me expressing their personal beliefs about peace,” added Ruchi from the MIL Forum Maharashtra.

The activity allows young people to explore the fundamentals and the personal perceptions of amity, and the visions of world peace. Altogether, more than five hundred youth across India has participated in the paint peace activity and painted around a hundred meter of cloth, advancing human conscience and innovative solution towards Global Peace.

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