Nigerian Community and Faith Leaders Join Southern Kaduna Peace and Reconciliation Committee

Global Peace Foundation
May 2, 2018

Southern Kaduna, NIGERIA— Following a period of violence and destruction between natives and Fulani tribes in 2016, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria began a mediation process in 2017 to negotiate two ceasefire agreements between the local Fulanis and the natives, resulting in a landmark peace agreement. This led the GPF interfaith team to begin a focused engagement in one particular community, Kaninkon, to build a model from which others could similarly learn the process of peacebuilding and reconciliation.

The interfaith campaign, entitled the One Family under God Campaign, led to the creation of the Southern Kaduna Peace and Reconciliation Committee comprised of 200 key leaders from the community. The General Assembly includes 80 community leaders and stakeholders, 40 faith leaders, 40 women leaders, and 40 youth leaders.

After meeting monthly since September 2017 to establish members and  sub committees, the Southern Kaduna Peace and Reconciliation Committee officially held its first meeting on April 19, 2018 with 195 in attendance.

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