Nigeria Women Gather for Capacity Training on Peacebuilding

Emiko Perea
September 8, 2020

In response to the violence and destruction that occurred in Kaduna state, twenty women from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds gathered together at LGA Primary School for the collective vision of attaining sustainable peace and development for the community. Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, in collaboration with Women Interfaith Council (WIC), held a three-day capacity training for women between the ages of 25-55 years old to enable them to leade peace-based efforts for the community. For this collective desire for peace, the women trained in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, management, and effective communication.

Hauwa Saed, a woman who participated in the program, was one of many participants who expressed her appreciation for the initiative in bringing women from diverse backgrounds together for peacebuilding as it would foster unity on a larger scale through various campaigns. The women leaders trained in the program plan to share this peace-based campaign with their community to push forward peace-based activities for greater impact. Another participant, Catherine Benard, said that this program allowed her to improve on ways to promote peace through conversing with women from different religious backgrounds. These women will continue training to create a sense of trust and unity in the community through planned activities that contribute to peaceful sustainability for the area.

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