Nepal Theater Forums Open Dialogue on the Role and Value of Women

Global Peace Foundation
May 25, 2016

Global Peace Women Nepal is opening the conversation on important but often overlooked topics related to women and families through an innovative program that uses drama to broach sometimes sensitive subjects.

Women and children attend family values education classes

Over 293 parents, teachers and students gathered for monthly classes this year to discuss topics like gender-based violence, marital relations, the role of women in family and society and parent-teacher cooperation in nurturing a child.

During the classes, dubbed “Forum Theatre,” participants perform scenes on these topics, using speech and movement to express their daily inner struggles and desires. Participant Rita Chaudhry said she enjoyed the program and that it is “imparting such an important and necessary message to society.” Rita said she would continue to guide young people on these important issues.


Through these educational programs, Global Peace Women seeks to encourage women to understand their value and the important role they play in raising ethical children and stable families, and thus creating the foundation for a peaceful society.

Top: Participants show that mutual respect between men and women is necessary for peace. Bottom: Mother and daughter hold a sign of one of the classes key lessons.

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