Nepal Global Peace Youth Leadership Workshop Inspires Health Camp Service Project

Global Peace Foundation
July 5, 2017

Global Peace Youth (GPY) Nepal’s Moral and Innovative Leadership Workshop, held from May 31 to June 2, inspired a host of young leaders to take initiative in servicing the immediate needs of 150 members of Musahar Basti, a local village in Sarlahi, Nepal.

After raising donations for hygiene products and solar lanterns, volunteers successfully installed solar street lamps, distributed solar lanterns to village families, and assisted in the construction of a community center. The service project conducted on June 14 simultaneously brought together volunteers with medical education in a Health Camp for the villagers, teaching them basic first aid and dental hygiene.

GPY workshops and service projects like the ones seen in Nepal are powerful examples of how the passion and energy of youth can be channeled in positive ways. GPY brings together young leaders from diverse backgrounds of culture, faith and ethnicity to strengthen both their moral and innovative capacities to dream beyond the current reality to a world of collaborative and sustainable peace.

The service project was made possible with the support of Thrive Nepal and Service for Peace.

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