My Playground of Peace: Transforming Communal Spaces for Children in Paraguay

Global Peace Foundation
May 5, 2022

Clean and open communal spaces provide people, children, and families with a much-needed break from their busy lifestyles. Wherever you come from, communities across the world take pride and gratification in parks, plazas, and other public spaces that serve as an area of reflection or relaxation for individuals and families alike. This is true for a community in Paraguay that decided to preserve the dignity and honor of local parks in Asuncion through a project initiated by the Global Peace Foundation called “My Plaza, My Park for Peace.”

Paraguay Day of Peace

A Paraguayan woman holds sign for International Day of Peace.

The project was first launched on International Day of Peace 2021 when GPF and Global Peace Women (an affiliate and partner of GPF) Paraguay allied with the Municipality of Asuncion and Hispano Guarani University to draw neighborhood stakeholders, families, and individuals together to refurbish and revitalize local parks around Asuncion. Previously, these spaces were often left unmanaged and frequently tarnished with litter.

In October 2021, GPW and GPF Paraguay volunteers cleaned and painted the playground equipment at Antonio Hernáez Monte Square. The renovated square serves as a community space and playground for children. The revitalization projects would continue with the renovation of the Children’s Park of the Villa Habitacional Aeropuerto (Neighborhood of Asunción), which hosted a “Recreational Fair, visual arts, music, and dances” for local children and their families.

GPF volunteers

Volunteers with Global Peace Foundation and Global Peace Women Paraguay.

The ongoing efforts to clean and rebuild community spaces and playgrounds for children seek to foster a stronger sense of community and peaceful places for families. Planning meetings, park programs, and cleaning projects are connecting neighborhood associations, volunteers and NGOs, businesses, universities, and the city to improve the quality of life for families in Asuncion.

Wherever you live, you can make a difference by taking care of communal spaces that can help families to thrive and connect. It may seem like a small act, but the path to peace is accomplished through many small steps just like these to build up communities.

What are you doing to build peace today?

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