Moral and Innovative Leadership Workshop Series Gathers Youth in Nepal

Naomi MacMurdie
October 7, 2022

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal conducted a series of Moral and Innovative Leadership workshops in August 2022. Ranging from two to four days, the workshops are a staple program organized by GPF Nepal with the collaboration of Global Peace Women to provide a platform for young leaders to discuss their shared values, grow their network, and nurture a mindset of “thinking globally and acting locally.”

Youth present summary of group project to tackle community issues during leadership workshop in Nepal

“I have learned how to become a good leader and a better person in this four-day workshop,” said Binju, a participant of a Moral and Innovative Leadership Workshop hosted at Dibyabhumi Multiple College, “The ‘Global Peace Values Framework’ is the thing that can actually change the world for a better tomorrow. I’ll remember the major keys I have learned such as, living for the greater good, dream big, teamwork, and ownership in my daily life, and would apply my learning by sharing it with my friends, younger ones, and my family. Also, [I will be] applying them to change my behavior. Please keep spreading positivity, awareness, and love always.”

Participants in the workshop tackle topics like the importance of international relations, diplomacy in world dynamics, and how youth can play an active role on the international stage.

Groups discuss during Moral and Innovative Workshops held in Nepal

Sajana shared her experience during the workshop, saying, “I am very thankful to Global Peace Foundation Nepal for giving us this golden opportunity to learn more about leadership. I feel this training is not only about leadership but also about making good human beings. I have learned many lifelong learning skills from this workshop, such as teamwork, true leadership, living for the greater good, self-confidence, communication skills, presentation skills, and Global Peace Values Framework.  I knew about leadership superficially, but I did not have profound knowledge of it as I did not have any idea about true and wrong leadership. Now, I can recognize true leadership and its qualities. Through this workshop, my interest in social work and services has increased and I will apply the knowledge I have learned in every field where I will get involved. I will follow my dream to live for the greater good and respect each and everyone’s opinions and thoughts.”

Students at K and K International College during a Moral and Innovative workshop hosted by GPF Nepal

Umesh, one of 40 students that participated in a Moral and Innovative Leadership Workshop held at K and K International College, stated, “Before this workshop, my knowledge of leadership was only limited to politics. But after this workshop, it completely changed. My understanding of leadership has deepened, and it is more than just politics. Thank you so much, Global Peace Foundation Nepal, for making us engaged in such a wonderful workshop.”

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