Making the Best of Quarantine Days (A Letter from Global Peace Women #3)

Soonok Kang
May 6, 2020

Since March 19th, Secretary-General of Global Peace Women (GPW), Dr. Soonok Kang has been sending weekly messages uplifting a healthy and happy family culture from home to community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Kang would like to share best practices from family activities like making masks to gratitude journals as well as our GPF family’s kindness stories in helping neighbors each Friday. 

If you wish to share best practices for families to build a healthy and happy family environment during the Coronavirus pandemic, please email Dr. Soonok Kang: [email protected]

Dear Global Family,

Are you taking safety precautions to protect each other? Spending time together with family can provide physical and emotional support especially in challenging times such as these.

Under the same household, we need to work together to maintain a healthy and happy living space with our family.

Parents can take this as an opportunity to teach about responsibility and sense of ownership to the home that each member of the family could share. You can gather and decide together who cleans the living room, who washes the dishes, or who makes lunch and dinner (if your children are old enough to cook, of course), and take turns doing different chores. This works a lot better than just telling them what to do on the spot. Make this fun for your kids, especially the younger ones, by using a sticker chart or use other methods to reward them for their efforts.

If you live with your partner or older family members, you could spend this time sharing the wisdom you gained in life and hold personal conversations that you were too busy to have before.

Spending quality time also provides a unique opportunity to deepen your relationship with your family members. Find some fun activities, such as a  game to play together. Learn a new recipe to add to your family meal menu, talk about what is going on in your lives, and express your heartfelt appreciation for each other.

One fun and meaningful activity that you can do right now with your family is to make face masks. This makes not only a fun activity but also a mini project that you can give to your neighbors or send as gifts to people or to facilities that need them the most. Below are some simple tutorials you can follow.

1. No-Sew Face masks (handkerchief and 2 hairbands)
2. No-Sew Face Masks (video)
3. Three Easy Life Saving Masks to do at Home (video)

A few days ago, my children and I made handkerchief masks when I had to go grocery shopping. This was so helpful, especially since we are not able to buy masks off the counter anymore. It took us only 3 minutes to make it and it worked spectacularly! We made sure to wash them after one use.

We are also very grateful that our Chapter in Korea launched a service project with volunteers making more than 600 masks and sent them to Daegu, where the coronavirus was the most severe.

Through these simple and small service projects, we can share our love and hope with people who are suffering due to the health crisis and respond to them as members of an extended human family.

We hope you can spend quality time together with family members, support each other, and join in any small activity to help others during these days in quarantine.

We pray for your safety and well-being with love.

Best Regards,

Dr. Soonok Kang,
Secretary-General, Global Peace Women

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