Making the Best of Quarantine Days (A Letter from Global Peace Women #11 FINAL)

Soonok Kang
June 22, 2020

Since March 19th, Secretary-General of Global Peace Women (GPW), Dr. Soonok Kang has been sending weekly messages uplifting a healthy and happy family culture from home to community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Kang would like to share best practices from family activities like making masks to gratitude journals as well as our GPF family’s kindness stories in helping neighbors each Friday. This letter was sent in commemoration of the US holiday “Mother’s Day.”

If you wish to share best practices for families to build a healthy and happy family environment during the Coronavirus pandemic, please email Dr. Soonok Kang: [email protected]

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Dear Global Family,

We extend our gratitude to you in following our “Best of Quarantine Days” series during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic still goes on, we will continue to send messages that help promote a peaceful culture of happy and healthy families through our weekly newsletters. are always grateful to the people reaching out to help their local community and their neighbors in times of need. Especially to parents who do everything in their power to keep their families healthy and safe while juggling with their children’s schedules.

Since last year, we launched the Family Stories Campaign in efforts to building a culture of happy and healthy families globally. This year’s theme and focus is “Appreciating Parents,” where we invite you to write what you appreciate the most about your father, mother, or parental figure, even both. The value of this campaign is in reflecting on the value your parents have given to you, whether that was a lesson, a shared experience, who they were for you, and sharing this with the world.

Above is a heartwarming family story from a dear GPW Leadership Academy participant, who simply shares her appreciation towards her parents in three sentences.

Next week is Father’s day here in the United States, so this could be a great time to think about what you appreciate the most about your father or a father-figure in your life. Please take a moment to join the campaign by filling out the form below. Find time this weekend to reflect on the things you are grateful for your parents. Write as much as you wish, it could be simple or heartfelt.

Feel free to post your Family Story campaign using this form or post directly on Instagram or Facebook using #appreciateparents #familystories2020.

As always, we hope you stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Global Peace Women



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